Wedding Services:  

The dj will personally meet with bride and groom to discuss the services available and the expectations they may have. We provide unlimited e-mail, text and phone support to ensure every detail is just right. Day of the wedding we provide non-stop music, professional audio equipment with back-up equipment onsite. Emcee services and we also coordinate with all of the other wedding vendors for a smooth transition at every turn. 

1. Ceremony Only:   

     What’s Included:
Our Ceremony PA Package includes a 2000 watt 8-channel powered mixer, 2 premium grade speakers, media players for your music, complete set up and operation of the system and two of our premium grade wireless microphones. Microphone choices includes lapel or a handheld style microphone with stand. You can add up to two additional wireless microphones if needed. Our wireless microphones are professional, highly reliable UHF models with excellent sound quality and range. You may not need the PA Package if the DJ will be set up in exactly the same spot for both the ceremony and reception with no move required. In this case, you would just need to add the additional hours to your package of choice to cover for the ceremony time period as well. 

On-Site Ceremony Package:
This package is for ceremonies that are at the same address location as the reception but may be in different spaces, such as in a different room or outside. It can also be used for cocktail and/or dinner hours that may be held in separate spaces other than where the reception is. (may be additional fee)

2. Reception Only: 

     What's included?  

All professional dj equipment, massive song library over 250,000 titles, emcee services, back-up equipment on site, continuous music for the duration of the event, coordination with all vendors for a seamless transition of activities. (4 hour minimum)

3. Ceremony & Reception:

     What's Included?

Everything in section 1 & 2 is included in this package.

Karaoke Party

We provide song books and over 150,000 song titles,  Professional audio and video equipment, Wireless Microphones and a fantastic host to keep the party moving.

Corporate - Birthday - Anniversary Parties

We provide an Master of Ceremonies, Disc jockey, professional audio equipment a song library with over 250,000 song titles and all the fun you can handle.

Ask About Our Current Specials!

Call or send request for pricing. Each event is unique in it's own way and requires special pricing. 

Important Details


Ceremonies-How It Works:
The DJ will bring the PA system to your reception location along with your reception package of choice. The DJ will arrive in plenty of time to set up the reception system first, then the PA package for your ceremony. The package includes 1 full hour of ceremony service and music by your DJ. Generally, it includes 30 minutes of prelude/seating music and 30 minutes of actual ceremony music. If your ceremony runs longer than 30 minutes, that’s no problem and there is no additional charge for this.

Off-Site Ceremony Package:
This package is for ceremonies at a different address location than the reception and is available to be added to either of our reception packages

How It Works: Our service technician (or possibly your DJ) will bring the described PA package to your venue of choice and will be available to provide the full service for 60 minutes, which can be whatever 60 minute time period you choose. This generally includes 30 minutes for the prelude music and 30 minutes for the actual ceremony. If your ceremony runs longer than 30 minutes , that’s no problem and there is no additional charge for this.

EXTRAS: Up to two additional premium wireless microphones of choice can be added for an additional cost.

MUSIC: In many cases, we will have the music you choose/want for your ceremony however, there are times where we may ask you to provide some of the tracks if specific versions of you want are not available in our inventory. Our on-line Event Planner has a section at the bottom dedicated to your ceremony details and music



Professional Wedding DJ/Emcee

We play the music that will get and keep you dancing! We have over 250,000 song titles.


Have a Karaoke Party

Book your karaoke party and you can be the star. We have over 150,000 song titles. 


Corporate, Birthday & Anniversary Parties

Make your next party a hit with a proven dj! Add karaoke to the mix and things really get fun!

Price List

All a' la carte and package services are discountable. Ask for about our monthly specials.